Kayla Joy


Hello, and welcome to my portfolio

built using only HTML + CSS!

I am a proud 90's kid, an early adapter to the computer generation, and have been building sites since Y2K. I always found it to be "that thing you do when you don't have to do anything." Not only did my brain enjoy the puzzle, the tinkering, and the challenge of seeing the bigger picture, but it also allowed room for my creativity, my love of imagery, and a space to play with colors and concepts. After years of building countless websites with pre-built platforms, I was ready to challenge myself further, push my creativity, and finally, in 2014, I decided to dive in deeper. I began learning HTML, CSS, Java, UX, figured out Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator for editing my photography, and put it all together to launch a website. I started creating the websites from scratch, hand-writing my own code, got certified, crushing skills left and right, learning everything from basic front-end practices to flexbox layouts. My portfolio is a combination of what I've been up to leading me here, what I've learned to do along the way, and just the beginning of where I'm headed. I built all of the pages, completely from scratch, or using Wordpress, to showcase a bit of what I can do. Now I am ready to head to work in a professional setting, put my skills to the test and take my web development education to the next level. They say, "if you find something you love to do you'll never work a day in your life," and, I found it.

Some Skillz

Things I can help you with:

  • Front-End Web Design
  • HTML/CSS + Java
  • WordPress
  • Domain and hosting
  • Branding
  • Content writing
  • Copy editing
  • Photoshop + Illustrator
  • Youth Programs
  • Yoga Practice
  • Meditation & Health
  • Thrift + Vintage Sales
  • Second Hand Styling
  • Festival Fashion Finds
  • Cultivation of Inner Peace
  • General Friendliness & Advice